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Online Residential Application Form

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Joseph Louis Realty

Address : 496 Queensberry Street North Melbourne VIC 3051
Phone : 03 9329 5050
Fax : 03 9329 5150
Email :
Web :

1. What is the address of the property you would like to rent?

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5. How Many adults will occupy the property?

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This is a free service that connects all your utilities

Once we have received this application we will call you to confirm your details. Direct Connect will make all reasonable efforts to contact you within 24 hours of the nearest working day on receipt of this Application to confirm the information on this Application and explain the details of the services offered. Direct Connect is a utility one stop connection service.

ElectricityPhoneInternetPay TVGasWaterInsurance

Note: Please check, sign and date the 'Utility Connections' section when you meet with your property manager.

9. How long have you lived at your current address?

10. Why are you leaving this address?

11. Landlord/Agent details of this property (if applicable)

12. What was your previous residential address?

13. How long did you live at this address?

14. Landlord/Agent details of this property (if applicable)

15. Please provide your employment details?

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Please Note:

Initial payments must be made by cash, bank check or money order within 24 hours after approval of application. No Personal Cheques accepted. Keys will not be handed over until the lease agreement has been signed by all applicants. This application is accepted subject to the availability of the property on the due date and no action shall be taken by the agent should any circumstances arise whereby the property is not available for occupation on the due date.

How did you find out about this property?

The AgeThe InternetLocal PaperBoardCounter ListRelocation CompanyReferralOther

Please provide us with 100 points of identification - when you meet with your property manager

Driver's License 50
Passport 50
Proof of Age Card 50
Student ID Card 50
Copy of Mobile Phone Account 50
Copy of Medicare Card 50
Concession / Pension Card 50
Copy of Gas / Water / Electricity account 30 each